Manic Sheep為四人編制的臺北樂團,組成於2010年,風格常被歸類為瞪鞋搖滾,持續在風格間尋求變化。 當你正被他們悅耳的旋律所取悅,下一秒則是突如其來的噪音音牆,善於將各種元素不費力地融在一起,用溫暖的歌曲舒緩你疲憊的心靈。他們的音樂大多來自生活經驗,如實地傳達出矛盾又同時存在的情緒狀態,放鬆與焦慮,生氣與溫暖。 在2012年發行首張同名專輯後,在台灣是音樂祭及國際知名樂團共演的常客,也開始在許多國家進行巡演及參與大型音樂祭,其中包含登上日本Fuji Rock正式舞台,兩度參與美國SXSW及加拿大NXNE,香港的Clockenflap等。

Playing a mixture of Shoegaze and Noise Rock, Manic Sheep formed in 2010 in Taipei. They constantly switch between different roles and genre in their music, when you feel it is pleasing, maybe next second it would be full of anger, and sometimes they have some warm tracks to ease your tired heart. Their music is the creative source of their own life experiences, with moods ranging from anxiousness to tenderness, an angry clamor with occasional warmth. Unexpectedly, many overseas audiences have been becoming more and more interested in their music and they have been receiving a lot of attention globally. Manic Sheep has been opening for KYTE(UK) in 2012,The Album Leaf (US) in 2014, Neon Indian(US) in 2015 and also attended many famous festival, such as SXSW (US), NXNE(Canada), CMF (Canada), Clockenflap(HK), Fujirock(JP), MPF (TW) etc.